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My results:

1. Forensics Specialist

2. Oceanographer

3. Chemist - My college major was chemistry, and I worked as a chemist for 5 years.

4. Pharmacologist

5. Chemical Engineering Tech

6. Materials / Metallurgical Engineer

7. Operations Research Analyst

8. Physicist - One of my college minors was physics.

9. Professor - I've always been fascinated by the academic life, I just haven't had the wherewithal to pursue a PhD.

10. Agronomist

11. Communications Specialist

12. Market Research Analyst

13. Medical Lab Tech

14. Writer - Three published novels, but not much lately.

15. Pharmacy Technician

16. Translator

17. Print Journalist - I wanted to do this when I was younger.

18. Petroleum Engineer

19. Political Aide

20. Mathematician - My second college minor.

And my current career is . . . something completely different, but technical in nature.

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